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Cumbuco, Kitesurfers paradise..

Cumbuco is located in the best area for kite in Brazil and can say it is one of the best kite spots world, and for all kite specialities, also Cumbuco downwind is known for all downwind lovers. For 10 months a year 10 hours a day trade wind blows from the African continent with a force of 20/25 knots average. That does not mean that the remaining two months with no wind, only the wind blowing intensity decreases with an intensity of 11-14 knots, and does not blow every day and in the 10 months of high season, ie continuous Cumbuco being a haven of kite even in low season.

In short it is very difficult to see a windless day in Cumbuco.Es true that these conditions are repeated along 400 kilometers of coastline, but offers the comfort of Cumbuco situated just 30 kilometers from the city of Fortaleza, the fifth city more important in Brazil, with international airport, hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, etc. ….

So Cumbuco offers besides its excellent wind and sea conditions the possibility of living in a quiet fishing village just 30 minutes from a urbe.Otra feature that makes this town a haven is that the average temperature throughout the year is 27 degrees. Not a single day of the year when the thermometer drops below 26 degrees. From January to December of this area climate is tropical eternal summer and not even the rainy season covers the months of March and April termómetros.Sus depress wide and long beaches of fine sand, no rocks, hot water permit kiting in exceptional condition.

But Cumbuco also has a fantastic beach about 15 kilometers long without bathing, unobstructed sea. Also in each of the ends of the beach are two large lakes where you can enjoy perfectly flat water to practice the freestyle kite and also for learners who need calm waters for their progress.

The village of Cumbuco extends along the beach. The center of town has an area of ​​about 1km long. However the beach has an area of ​​15 kilometers which houses many pousadas, hotels, private homes. The villa occupies only a small part of the long beach so Cumbuco offers pristine beaches, no crowds, and the riders have many miles to enjoy uncrowded. Our school is located in the city center 300 meters from the center square of the town. The villa has an elongated shape extending along the coast but is shallow as it is bounded by the sea in front and the extensive dunes of Cumbuco behind her. These dunes of very great extent are ideal for bike rides or enduro quads, buggies, sand boarding, horseback riding, enjoy magnificent sunsets, even the village meninos advantage to learn kite there.

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